Aomori, I knew this place

In a mere four hours on the awesome Hayabusa train you too, can get from Tokyo to Aomori. And escape the ridiculousness of the enormous metropolis »

Sounkyo's Heights

Sometimes, it's perfectly fine to get away from the bustling cities, high-speed internet, shopping at night, and being closer to a train station than to a »

Shiretoko peninsula

Shiretoko is a peninsula in the far east of Japan, and requires a long train ride to station Shiretoko-shari (regardless of where you're coming from), followed »

Asahikawa Colour

The name Asahikawa means something like "river of the morning sun". Situated along a triple fork in the Ishikari River, it's a fitting name. Asahikawa is »

Watery Wakkanai

I decided to stay in Wakkanai for a few nights and visit the twin islands Rebun & Rishiri. I was in for a nasty surprise. This »

Jozankei Onsen

The onsen in Japan is a special thing. Sure enough, people in other Asian countries do bathing in natural hot springs. But Japan raises it to »